Shuaitong Zong


Dream Job

Dream Job is a VR film directed by Shuaitong Zong and Thomas Boys. The film takes place in an advanced future, where humanity is on the verge of an apocalypse due to over-population and pollution. In dire need of worldchanging solutions, the people of earth turn lucid dreaming into a tool for innovation. Scientists design a hybrid system for a human-machine interface that transforms human dreams into full-fledged inventions. Initially, lucid dreams were collected by an elite government agency, but as this futuristic world spiraled deeper into an ecological and social crisis, dreaming power must now be harvested in order to achieve innovation on all fronts. The characters of Dream Job live in a society where physical work is minimal and most labor is mechanized. This creates an industry around dreaming. Most human interaction in this world has been translated into the digital space, including gatherings for social as well as professional means. For example, in order to amplify creative power, characters collaborate by dreaming collectively. In a lucid dream they “meet” and share a collectively experienced dream reality.